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Want to Send a Marine A Letter?

...here's a new tool to send supportive messages to the Marines.  Amy K. - who's husband is in Iraq - sends this detailed message of how you can get letters to the Marines (and QUICKLY, too):

I went to a brief for a new system HQMC has instituted for sending mail to Marines and Sailors attached to Marine Units in Iraq today.  The system is for Marines/Sailors, their families and friends who want to send fast correspondence. It is called MotoMail.  The site address is: www.motomail.us.  The system works as follows:

1.  Sender logs onto www.motomail.us to create the letter.
2.  The letter is sent to the MotoMail server.
3.  The designated USMC post office downloads the letter to a special machine which prints, folds, and seals the
4.  The letter is delivered through unit mail call.
5.  Unlike e-mail, it allows a Marine/Sailor to keep a physical reminder of their loved ones with them at all times
    and can be read and re-read.

Motomail is a unique Marine Corps system.  Delivery transit time is usually within 24 hours.  It is free.  Senders are required only to know unit addresses, not location.  The MotoMail Printer, Folder, and Sealer ensures complete privacy and that contents remain confidential (I had a demonstration and it really does!).

Senders can track letters from submission, download and when it is printed.  You cannot send pictures or graphics in your letter (jpegs/gif files).

For people who don't know Marines personally in theatre, but would like to send a note, there is a tab for Support the Troops where people can send messages.  These messages are reviewed by the Marine Corp prior to being posted.  No individual information can be submitted (troop locations, etc).  After they are reviewed, they will be printed out in the mail room and posted in the Chow Halls and Post Offices for everyone to see.  Individual emails are NOT posted unless the sender writes their email address in their note.

Currently there are 4 locations that can receive Motomail.  Once it is printed, it is distributed accordingly to the various camps.
God Bless, Merry Christmas and Semper Fidelis,

So, there you have it - a way to send supportive letters to Marines in Iraq, even if you don't know one.