Tribute To A Marine - Corporal Bobby Warns
December 7th - Pearl, the 'stan, and Iraq

Specialist Jeremy - Someone You Should Know

After returning to his base after completing a mission spanning months, Army Specialist Jeremy writes from Afghanistan:

...No I haven't heard if we are being extended, but I don't care if we are or not.  I want to see my wife very badly, but someone has to be here doing these things and I'd rather it was me than one of the many people I've met that hates these people without even knowing them.  I am putting paperwork in to go do something different for the Army, and if it goes through I will be leaving for school shortly after I get back.  I will be in school for a long time and my wife comes with me.  As well as my dogs and cats (Ashley, Brutus, Sami, Kodiak).

...Things are going well here.  We are helping the people improve their standards of living.  There is a boys school that I am going to start sponsoring boys from. Basically we take them for a day every week and just spend time with them.  We play games, show them around, answer their questions, etc.  The big key is just showing the boys that you can be a man and not be mean.  They are doing the same thing for the young girls as well (those not of the age to require full body coverings).  I am excited about the prospect of changing a boys attitude towards "manhood".

About two weeks ago we went to the Egyptian hospital and gave out toothbrushes, toothpaste, candy to kids, shoes, blankets, etc.  One thing truly broke my heart.  There was a woman there with a crying bundle in her arms. The baby had been burned on the cookfire.  It made my heart break.  There was a little girl maybe three or four years old with an enormously distended belly.  She has some sort of intestinal problem.  And no matter how hard they try between the American, Korean, and Egyptian hospitals they can never seem to make a dent in the sick and injured.  People are lined up every day to seek treatment, and every day we take them in.  They need education about how to prevent accidents and how to treat minor injuries themselves.

These are the things that we are doing that don't make it into the news.  And it angers me greatly.  How dare they only portray the sensational aspects of the war without showing the humanitarian side as well.  Enough ranting.  Thank you for supporting us.  As you can see, we need it.

From the sandbox,