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Sergeant Bozik - Update 6 - Love and War

There's been a lot of developments with Sergeant Joseph Bozik.  Below is an update from Joey's mother, Gail.

    Here's a picture of Joey on Monday, December 27th:


    1.  Last Monday, 27th, Joey's cast was removed on his left stump and two final pins removed from his left hand (total of 9).  It was exactly 2 months to the day since the blast, Oct. 27th. 

    2.  He has come a long ways in two months but he has a long road of therapy and more surgery on his left hand to remove the metal plate that is stabalizing his wrist which was crushed. 

    3.  Today (December 30th), a nasty sore and reddness appeared on his left stump.  Gail asked for Dr. Hampton to take and look but he was in surgery and didn't get time. Gail hopes and prays that it is not the Iraq bacteria returning.  If so, that will mean more surgery.  So please pray, pray! 

    And the big news...

    4.  Joey and Jayme will be getting married tomorrow!  Gail will send wedding pictures so I'll be sure to post those when I get them.  Here's a picture of the adorable couple from Christmas Day:


And Gail passes this message to all of you who have helped:  "Keep praying and keep the candle lit.  God Bless all you good people."

Please go here for more information on how you can continue to support Joey, Gail, and Jayme while Joey recovers.

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