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Sergeant Bozik Update

Here's an update on Sergeant Joseph Bozik who you have helped tremendously through prayers and substantial donations (you people ROCK!!!).  I'll place some recent pictures associated with the emails below in the Extended Section (you can click on the thumbnails for larger images).

Joey is having a rest from surgery this week.  He will go to casting on Tuesday and also the hand doctor will remove 3 pins from his left hand.  The other pins and metal plates will be removed surgically.  He is still running fever, 101.8 this a.m.   It seems to fluctuate so keep praying about this acinedobacter, bacteria the soldiers are bringing back from Iraq in their wounds.  It is resistant to antibiotics.  This morning was a setback as he was overmedicated with morphine and had to be reversed with versaid (sp.)  I stay by his side so that these mistakes can be caught right away.
Joey is placed in an electronic wheel chair and taken to occupational therapy.  Yesterday, a demonstration for voice acitvation for electronic devices, such as tv, lights, etc. was done for Joey and hopefully he will have this help in his room and his residence if it gets approved financially by the government. 
Joey is still his wonderful, sweet self with a big smile.  He keeps me upbeat and everyone around him.  Keep praying and helping us through these months.
Gail and Joey
Purple Heart Pinning on Dec. 5th by Gen. McNeill (Joey guarded him in Afghanistan for 7 months before going to Iraq.
And here's another update from a few hours ago:
Thought you might want to see this upclose pic of Joey and his Purple Heart.  His commander emailed me yesterday to say that he has requested another award called the Bronze Star.  I hope Joey can receive it too.  I'll keep you posted. 
The doctors are still trying to regulate his pain medicine this week.  His blood count is 8.7 so he is feeling a little tired.  He goes to casting on Tuesday to remove the cast to check his left stump.  Pray all will look well and they don't have to open it again for that bacteria and that the skin graft is ok.  Also on Tues. they will remove 3 pins from left hand.
Monday, MSNBC, Chris Matthews with Hardball is suppose to interview Joey.  If this happens, it will air on Wed. night I think.  You can double check this as I may have it all wrong.  Also, MTV called Joey and talked for long time.  The interviewer is presenting Joey's life story to his bosses to see if MTV wants to do an documentary on him.  I'll let you know if this is successful.  Also, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) wants to interview Joey.  Pray about all this.  I want God to receive the praise and glory.  Joey was in his coma upon arriving from Germany and on the 3rd day he opened his eyes and said, "Dad, come here Dad, this is my calling".  He laid back down and closed his eyes. He was still in the coma for several day.  Later,  we asked Joey if he knew anything and he said no.  We are taking this as comfort that his life is in God's hands and that his deceased Dad of 24 yrs. visited us through Joey to comfort us.  May God Bless all you good people.
Keep praying for us.
Gail and Joey Bozik
One last thing, Sergeant Bozik is going to marry his fiance on December 31st in a brief ceremony (they'll do the whole wedding/party thing later).  Any ideas on what we should do?  Start a registry or just donate?
The last update for Sergeant Bozik is here.  Pictures are below.


Above:  General McNeil pins Purple Heart on Sergeant Bozik

Below:  Wounded hero, Sergeant Joseph Bozik