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RESCUE! - Picture of the Week

I first received this photo and was asked not to post it until it went through "Official Channels" (which is completely understandable).  As many of you know, going through "Official Channels" usually means it will take forever or never happen.  In this case however, it only took a few months...Click on the image to see larger version.


Tech. Sgt. Matthew Wells, 48th Rescue Squadron, holds a baby as it is medically evacuated from Afghanistan on an HH-60.  Senior Airman Sean McBride, 48th RQS, and Sergeant Wells check the baby's vitals on the monitor at their feet.

Here is the link (PDF file - page 5) to the Air Force newsletter describing Sergeant Wells as the Air Force's representative in the Special Operations Medical Association's Medic of the Year Competition. 

[Blackfive note:  Air Force Pararescuemen (or PJs as they are more commonly known) are some of the best operators in the Special Operations community - if not THE best.]