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What do a MilBlogger (me), an Iranian Blogger and a Malaysian Blogger have in common?

The three of us will be at Harvard University this weekend to talk about building a blogosphere.


Global Voices Online: Blogging for Independent Journalists, Concerned Citizens and Activists” is part of a larger conference, Internet & Society 2004: Votes, Bits & Bytes, scheduled for December 10 and 11, 2004 at Harvard Law School. Hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, I&S2004 will examine the use of information and communications technologies in the transformation of politics. The “Global Voices Online” track is made possible with help from the Open Society Institute Information Program and Spirit of America.

Hoder, Jeff Ooi and I will be talking about how to build a blogging community in your country, language group, or other globe-spanning group. What kind of impact does this new kind of outlet for expression and mutual support have on a community of tech-savvy Iranians, Malaysians, or military people who feel disconnected from home and publicly misunderstood? How do you get around challenges like technical hurdles, government censorship, and language problems? What lessons can people learn for building their own blogospheres?

Also, the three brothers from one of my favorite blogs - Iraq the Model - will be there.  And, I'll finally get to meet Armed Liberal.

Watch out Harvard, here we come...