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Bloggers As Activists

"Blog" was the word that was most looked-up in 2004 (on Meriam-Webster's web site).

When my mother talked of blogs this summer, I was sure that we just jumped the (blogging) shark.   But I'm probably wrong.  Why?

Blogs are all different.  Garden blogs, political blogs, left blogs, right blogs, christian blogs, muslim blogs, Iraq blogs, punk blogs, and, of course, MilBlogs.  While many think that blogs are the new media, most of us are more like activists.

I might be involved in a discussion about bloggers as activists sometime soon.  I never thought of myself as an activist before.  But if you think about what a lot of bloggers do, it's all activism, baby.  I'm serious.

The Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge is an example of activism.  So was supporting the Bozik family while they help Sergeant Bozik recover.  And so was the fact checking and debunking of Dan Rather's forgeries.

What do you think?