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Veterans Day - Part 4

Below is a link to Val's Babalu Blog.  Val writes about an unsung, fallen hero that will hopefully get his day in court:

...On April 19th, 1961 an American pilot disregarded the dire reports from the field, boarded his B-26 bomber on an air base in Nicaragua and drew course for a little unpopulated stretch of beach known as the Bay of Pigs. The eyewitness reports from the incoming pilots, among them Cuban members of the assault Brigade 2506 who had been trained by this pilot, did not deter him. There were no fighter planes to escort the B-26 bombers whose tailguns had been removed so that extra fuel tanks could be added for the long trip.


Still, this pilot, this American Airman knew that he had to do what he felt was right. And he did. He took on what was essentially a suicide mission and proceeded to bomb the communist troops and weapons installations...

So, check out Val's Post - Justice for A Brave American Veteran -  and be sure to read the links about the Mission and Wings of Valor at the end of his post.