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Sergeant Joseph Bozik - Update 2

The latest news that I have heard was that Sergeant Bozik went through an 11 hour surgery.  I don't know how well it went.  The doctors were trying to begin fixing his left arm (the bones were shattered).

I don't think that he's conscious, yet, and, therefore, doesn't know what's happened to him.

The doctors at Walter Reed are telling his family and fiance that he will be there at least a year so your donations will go a long way towards helping keep his family close by.

If I get any more news, I'll post it immediately.

Here is more information on Sergeant Bozik's story and how you can help by writing a letter, sending a card or making a donation.

Update 11-09-04:  Bobby Sr. sends this article that has more information about Sergeant Bozik.