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Sergeant Joe Bozik - Someone That You Are Supporting

A few pictures of Sergeant Joseph (Joey) Bozik from his mother. He is now at Walter Reed. According to his brother, he is strong. I don't know if he's conscious yet.

Here is what the American Fighting Man that you are supporting looks like (click on the thumbnails):


Remember, he doesn't know what has happened to him. Your donations are helping to have him surrounded with family and loved ones. And I, for one, am grateful to you for that.

Update 1 11-02-04: Just found out the following.

Sergeant Bozik is going to survive. He's on a ventilator at the moment and unconscious. The limbs that he has left are held together with pins and bandages.

His family is with him, thanks to you.

Right now, prayers and donations would be helpful. When he's conscious, it would be good for him to hear from you. For those wanting to send notes but not knowing what to say, you should just say what you feel - you can include that there are thousands of us behind him.

He's had our back for years as soldier. Now it's our turn.

And of course, you can still use the Soldiers' Angels Joseph Bozik PayPal donation form.