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Blackfive's Vote Is Disenfranchised

No Matter What Happens Today

America will survive tomorrow.

Bin Laden and the Islamofascists will continue to attempt to destroy us. We haven't had a Democrat that wants to fight since Roosevelt. Hopefully, the Democrats will be more on board with conducting the "war" on terror and Islamofascism. It's not a cake party, it's a war.

If John Kerry is NOT elected President, I sincerely hope that he follows through on his promises for a stronger America in the Senate. So far, he hasn't done crap as a Senator to make us stronger.

If George Bush is NOT re-elected President, I sincerely hope that we will unleash HELL on the jihadis the world over. I would expect that he will transition the War management properly in a bi-partisan manner.

I'd like to see us partner more with India and other countries on the WoT. We partnered with the Communists during WWII. Depending on how far the war takes us, China may be a partner, too. France can go to hell...oh, too late, they've already taken that trip.

Over the next four to six years, I'd like to see us expand the military - particularly by increasing the number the Modular Brigades and expanding the capabilities of the Division Support Commands (which equals reduced dependence on Reserve forces). Activate another MP Brigade. Activate a Civil Affairs Brigade (they are mainly Reserve forces). Start up another Airborne Division (with modular brigades) to increase mobility AND to feed the Special Operations units. Start up another Marine Division (all MEU-SOCs). All of this will require additional close air support from the Air Force et. al. Offer incentives to Reservists and Guardsmen to switch to permanent Active Duty. Offer citizenship to those who serve a four year committment ("¡Quiero reclutar!"). Offer substantial bonuses to Special Ops Forces to stay on Active Duty rather than work for Blackwater. If we can keep pilots from going to the airlines in droves, we ought to be able to keep the SpecOps guys, too.

Increase the Coast Guard and Customs Agents to complete more inspections of inbound vessels so we don't have to depend on other nations doing the inspection outbound.

How committed would I be to these ideas? I'd pay a lot more taxes to see that happen.