Showdown Part 10 - Soldiers And Marines Take The Fight To The Terrorists
Happy Birthday, Marines!

My Wonderful Wife

I've been home today.  I needed to be here because we were installing new carpeting and my wife had to get a consult for a DOUBLE root canal.  So, I stayed home with the baby and supervised the carpet installation.

When my darling wife returns from the dentist, she walks in the door, she says "It's early, but Merry Christmas, Matty."  She hands me a box.

Inside the box was...

HALO 2!!!!!!!!!

I was planning on buying it in a few weeks when the Mrs. and the kids go to the in-laws for the week after Thanksgiving.  That's when "HALO 2 Fest" was supposed to commence.  Well, it would be "HALO2 and Blackfive Booze Fest"...

But now, it'll start tonight after the kids are in bed.  So, no more blogging tonight as I have to save Earth...and drink beer.  Nothing beats killing aliens and drinking beer...except killing Nazis and drinking beer...except killing mutant Nazis and drinking beer.

Thanks, Darling!

[BTW, Sam's Club has the game for 44.95]