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Showdown Part 13 - The Battle of Fallujah - BBC Reports On Marines

James O. (a former Marine Sergeant) sends this article from a BBC embedded reporter in Fallujah (November 15th).

Eyewitness:  Falluja Battle Scars

American forces say they are still fighting small pockets of insurgents in the city of Falluja.

Our correspondent, Paul Wood, is with American marines in the city. He gave the following interview to BBC Radio 4's Today programme:


Q: But as you travel with the American soldiers, do you come across civilians?

We saw literally a glimpse of civilians.

We were on the roof of a building - this was the first day of the battle in fact on Wednesday - and saw people waving white flags running away. And the marines stood up to say "Keep going, it's dangerous, don't come in this direction" and as soon as they did that, a volley of gunfire came in, because they'd revealed their position. And that was the only view of civilians that we have had.

One female civilian came to be treated at the medical post here and left before I had a chance to speak to her.

But I've questioned ordinary marines, officers and they say quite truthfully, we literally don't see civilians and that is the position of, I think, most of the US forces here - they do not see civilians...

James points out that it sounded like the Marines were exposing themselves to fire in order to protect civilians. With respect to Marines killing innocent civilians, this story shows that there really weren't any civilians.  There's more in the article so check out the link.

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