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SF Chronicle Readers Respond to Marlboro Marine

Local Ways to Help

Of course, anyone can help these folks, but as a reader pointed out, maybe some of you in the area would feel more connected by donating to a local cause/Soldier or Marine. 

Here are just a few ways to help people in your area.  If you have more stories with ways to help, please place them in the comments section.  URL's become links automatically in the Comments so there is no need to use HTML to make a link active.

Omaha - Rachelle sends this article about a Marine who was killed just hours before his son was born.  You can donate to a trust fund for his son at any Wells Fargo branch.

Minnesota - Kelly, the Patriette, has details on how you can help a Marine who was grievously injured while saving another Marine.  She has information on how you can help.

Florence, SC - Pam sends this story about a Marine who is in critical condition in Germany.  His church has set up a fund to help the family stay with him in Germany until he can make the trip home.