When Rivalries Return...
Apache Rescues Kiowa Crew

I've Re-Enlisted...

...for a new blogwar for Spirit of America (Okay, so SOA likes to call it a "Blog Challenge", not a war).  Once again, the Donovan is gathering the Fighting Fusileers to raise $$$ for the very worthy Spirit of America.  We helped to raise over $50,000 in the last challenge.


Here is the information on the challenge:

Leading bloggers are competing to raise funds to benefit the people of Iraq. 100% of all donations go to needs selected by these bloggers. Many of our projects support requests made by Americans serving in Iraq (Marines, Army, SeaBees) for goods that help the Iraqi people. Other projects directly support Iraqis who are on the front lines of building a better future for Iraq.

We are joining the Blog Challenge late and are far, far behind in donations.  So, go here and donate to the Spirit of America.  Your donations are tax deductible.