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Help A Family Reunite

Bill Faith of Small Town Veteran (and guest blogger at The Mudville Gazette) needs some help finding the family of an Army Sergeant who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam (1965 - Ia Drang Valley):  Is Sgt Jack Gell's Family Looking For You?

Here's a part from Bill's post:

...when SGT Gell left for Viet Nam he left a number of younger brothers and sisters in foster homes. I understand he promised his mother that when he returned he'd bring them all together. As a result of his death, some of his brothers and sisters lost contact with each other.

As a result of a post that Bill made, some of the family has been reunited.  There's a lot more to the story.  So go check out Bill's post and the rest of his Sgt Gell index to see if you can help.