Fear-Mongering Part 2
Reservists Refuse Mission In Iraq

The Bush Endorsements Keep Coming

Wonder of all wonders, the Chicago Tribune endorses...George Bush?! The Kerry Campaign probably thought getting the Tribune's endorsement would be easier than getting food poisoning in Moscow. Wow, that's gonna leave a mark on the Kerry Campaign ("I was in Vietnam and, BTW, watch out for the DRAFT!"):

...This is one of those years--distinct in ways best framed by Sen. John McCain, perhaps this country's most broadly respected politician. Seven weeks ago, McCain looked with chilling calm into TV cameras and told Americans, with our rich diversity of clashing worldviews, what is at stake for every one of us in the first presidential election since Sept. 11 of 2001:

"So it is, whether we wished it or not, that we have come to the test of our generation, to our rendezvous with destiny. ... All of us, despite the differences that enliven our politics, are united in the one big idea that freedom is our birthright and its defense is always our first responsibility. All other responsibilities come second." If we waver, McCain said, "we will fail the one mission no American generation has ever failed--to provide to our children a stronger, better country than the one we were blessed to inherit."...

Of course, the Tribune picks President Bush as the candidate better suited to protect us. This is not news, but it is interesting to read in a liberal Main-Stream-Media outlet.

By far, this one is my favorite - the Mayor (Democrat) of Youngstown, Ohio, speaks his mind in a Zell-like fashion:

Hollywood hijinks

I'M THE Democratic mayor of Youngstown, a city that traditionally gives 60 to 75 percent of its vote to the Democratic presidential candidate. Growing up with the legacies of FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK formed my core Democratic values. They had the courage of their convictions, their word was their bond, and the entire world knew it. They made me proud to be a Democrat. Fast forward to 2004. John Kerry stands on the stage of Radio City Music Hall, acknowledges a group of Hollywood leftists and elitists, and characterizes them as representing the heart and soul of America. Senator Kerry, Ohio is still in America, and in Ohio Hollywood leftists do not represent our values, our heart, or our soul.

It gets worse. My fellow Democrats in Ohio recently selected our "Democrat of the Year." Would you believe Jerry Springer? I'm told that as a good Democrat I must honor a man who on his latest television program featured 400-pound bearded sisters wrestling in a pool of Jell-O. Springer is a man who is well known -- for all the wrong reasons.

Senator Kerry reminds me of the politician who when asked his position on the war in Iraq stands tall and responds loudly: "One-half of my friends support the war in Iraq and one-half of my friends oppose the war in Iraq. And I'm not afraid to say that I support my friends."

My support for President Bush is motivated by his stance in making national security the number one priority. Bush understands that the terrorists cannot be reasoned with at a United Nations debating society conference. Peace through strength brought down the Berlin Wall, and only peace through strength will defeat the terrorists.

In contrast, the Hollywood leftists who've hijacked the Kerry campaign believe that Michael Moore would be a more effective secretary of state than General Colin Powell. I'm confident that FDR, Truman, and JFK would show Moore the door with their shoe leather on his backside. That's the Democratic Party I knew and loved.

My granddaughters hug me when they are afraid. My vote this year is for the man I believe will provide a safer future for all of our children and grandchildren. That man is President George W. Bush. -- GEORGE M. McKELVEY

It's too bad that Kerry got the Fraternal Order Of Police endorsement...wait a minute! He didn't get that one either (thanks, Ruth D. and Jim W.):

Police Call on Kerry to Stop Misrepresenting Their Support

Today Chuck Canterbury, the President of the nation's largest police labor organization, called on John Kerry to stop making misleading statements regarding his support from the law enforcement community. Both on the campaign trail and in Wednesday night's debate in Tempe, AZ, Senator Kerry has alluded that he has the support of the majority of these brave men and women...