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The Aussies

John Howard was re-elected in Australia by a much wider margin than just about every single analyst in the world believed. In fact, it looks like his party is going to gain ground, not lose it. Many see this as a referendum on the invasion of Iraq. That's hogwash.

Australia, one of (if not) "the" toughest countries in the world, has an outstanding military. Their Special Air Service soldiers are top-knotch professionals - among the best in the world. But they aren't really in Iraq. Australia has less than one thousand troops in Iraq, none of which have combat or patrolling duties, and none of those have been wounded, let alone killed. And, it must be said, that while they are not fighting in Iraq, they ARE fighting in a lot of other spots.

I'm not suggesting John Kerry's model for Iraq support by asking other country's troops to get killed instead of Americans. That's up to them, not us (Thank you Brits, Poles, El Sals, Italians, etc.).

The point is that, if everyone wants to believe that Howard's re-election for a fourth term is tied to acceptance of the War on Terror (including Iraq), fine by me. The Australians have a lot at stake with the largest Muslim population in the world not far away from their shores. We need everyone that we can get to help fight terror. Hopefully, this election was just the beginning.

Howard, Bush, Blair!...and let's not forget Karzai!

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