There IS a Hero Inside All of Us
Novermber 3rd

Swift Boat Vet Petition

The Swift Boat Vets have a petition on line that you should take a look at and sign (if you are so inclined...):

...As you now seek to become Commander in Chief of our armed forces, we believe it is incumbent upon you to better explain to the American public your conduct in this matter. Specifically, we ask you to:
    Acknowledge to the American public that you did not personally witness any such atrocities or, in the alternative, cite such examples and then provide an explanation of what actions you took relative to these alleged war crimes.

    Explain to the American public the nature and extent of war crimes in which you participated.

    Explain to the American public your justification for contacting and working in conjunction with a foreign government then at war with the United States.

    Provide an acknowledgment and apology to the American veterans for your all encompassing accusations, and more specifically to our POWs for any extensions of their internment caused by your actions.

    Personally respond factually to the challenges made against your service in Vietnam by some 275 men who served with you.

Senator Kerry, the vast majority of the men who served with you, and the entire chain of command, has refuted your representations of your conduct in Vietnam. To date, you have repeatedly refused to respond to these statements, electing instead to have professional political operatives flood the media with efforts to discredit these former comrades. We want to hear from you.

We the undersigned consider your response on these five points to be critical to this nation's decision to entrust our military forces to you. If you betrayed us once, we need to be assured that you will not do it again.

It is time for you to set the record straight.

Follow this link to the petition where you can read the short Swift Boat Veterans statement and sign the petition. (thanks to Russ for the link)

On a related note, Mamamontezz has written the Kerry Song - "I'm A Swift Boat Commander". For some reason, while I was reading the lyrics, I had a Dennis Leary song in my head...

And Dean Esmay has an exclusive interview with Van Odell, the Sailor who spent more time with John Kerry than anyone else in the Swift Boats.

Last but not least, Greyhawk has some poll numbers that show who the GIs are going to vote for...and he also has French polls in comparison.