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Needs a Chops Busting Like No Other

Pat P. sent the article below about a recent discovery of who is behind using Ranger Corporal Pat Tillman's name, picture, and falsely attributed words on an anti-war poster.

Professor Identified in Using Pat Tillman's Picture on Anti-War Poster (CBS 5 News)--CBS 5 News has learned who's behind those anti-war posters using Pat Tillman's picture.

It's an artist who is also an assistant professor with a Chicano Studies project at ASU.

John Leanos says he doesn't think the message is "anti-war." He says he respects Tillman, and he simply wanted the posters to be thought-provoking about the tragic decisions made in Afghanistan.

The anti-war fliers with Pat Tillman's picture on them showed up on valley streets earlier this week.

The posters had a picture of Pat Tillman in his Army Ranger uniform, and then right next to his picture is a message that suggests was written by Tillman himself.

It said...I was killed by my own Army Ranger platoon in Afganistan on April 22nd, 2004. I am a hero to many of you. My death was tragic my glory was short lived. Flawed perceptions of myself my country and the war on terror resulted in the disasterous end to my life.

While I would like to teach this guy what "disasterous end" really means, I am not suggesting physical violence here.

It's time to email the President of Arizona State University and decry this @$$hat of gigantic proportions - John Leanos - for fraud. If you are an ASU alumni, even better, call the President at 480-965-5607. Please, do it for Corporal Pat Tillman. He deserves no less from us.

Chops Busting can include the loss of income, tenure, position, and any credibility one once had...here's the link to the professor's snake-oil salesman's info.

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Note: Post has been changed to correct the error of rank for Pat Tillman. As pointed out by commenter, Cyfir, Pat Tillman received a posthumous lateral promotion to Corporal.

Update 10-15-04: The responses from ASU are beginning to roll in...be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates.