Soldier's Mom Worries About A Kerry Presidency

Kerry's Terrorist Connections

No, I haven't gone over the edge in my disregard for John Forbes Kerry or tried too hard to get your attention.

There's some work being done on tracing funds sent to Kerry's campaign that came from the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The Clinton Administration and General Wesley Clark had a relationship with the KLA in order to do our work for us in Kosovo - at the time, that was not unusual or illegal. But now some things may have changed with the KLA, like forming ties to Al Qaeda.

And now, it seems that the KLA has been financially supporting the Democratic National Committee and the Kerry Campaign.

Grim of Grim's Hall has been looking into this. Grim is a skeptic, not prone to rumor mongering, and is quick to point out that no one in the US is making these allegations as a last-minute attempt to discredit John Kerry. Most of the questions are coming from Canada and Holland. In fact, he cites the Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia talking with a Serb audience about the KLA's financial backing of the DNC - obviously, this is not exactly something that would be seen in the American spotlight. Grim wants the truth to be sorted out.

So take a look at what he's found. When clicking on the links you may have to scroll down.

While there may not be any substance to these stories from other countries' media sources, but I believe that they are worth checking out. Someone in the Justice Department should be looking into this. Hear me, Mike?

And if you are connected to the media, take a look into this and see what you find. Be skeptical. There may be nothing. Then again...