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For some reason, I've been getting a lot of hatemail lately. I don't think that I've really changed anything or done something different that would garner that attention.

Maybe it's because these losers don't have a hangout anymore.

Anyway, my favorite ones always ask if my site is a parody or something like that. *Chanelling Glenn* HEH!!! Here's an example from Patrisha:

Is your website serious, or is this all a big joke? I admit that I'm a democrat, and with that I think it's safe to say that I'm also not a retard. Please do a little more research before you blindly post bullshit about John Kerry. You look like an ignorant fool. Even though you being a republican would have proven that point already.

For more facts about both candidates, please refer to

Don't be a douchebag.

Or I get the people with too much time on their hands where they want to debate endlessly about John Kerry. Here's one from yesterday from David:

If you are a real man, you would answer me about why you would vote for an oil whore like bush. Or list ten reasons why you would vote for the cartel.

If you don't answer, youll just prove my point.

I used to enjoy responding to emails like that by actually trying to convince someone with logic, but most of these people have only imaginary friends and just want to keep the debate going. So I don't respond anymore.

I've gotten about 50% more hatemail in the last week. I've tried to check my referrer logs to see if I can find an uber-liberal site that's posting my email address, but haven't had any luck.