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GQ Magazine Wants Your Photos

Tanker Schreiber sends this article that you OIF and OEF veterans may be interested in:

Men’s magazine to sponsor military photo contest
By Chuck Vinch

To mark the second anniversary of the Iraq war, GQ magazine will publish a photo essay in March made up entirely of pictures taken by U.S. service members.
“We want to show America what the war looks like to the men and women who have fought it, the people who live it,” said Greg Pond, a GQ photo editor.

The magazine is looking for “any and every picture” troops may have relating to the war. “We want pictures of you, your buddies, battles, what you do to entertain yourself when you’re bored, even pictures your families have sent you from home,” Pond said.

GQ prefers troops to not edit their photos. “What may not seem interesting to you could be important for the essay,” Pond said. “This project will reflect the war the way it really is, and we are not averse to blood, dirt or anything else, as long as it really happened.”

The deadline for submissions is Dec. 1. Electronic images should be e-mailed. Prints and discs should be mailed to: Bradley Young/Greg Pond, GQ Magazine Photo Department, 4 Times Square 9th Floor, New York, NY 10006. Prints and/or discs will be returned in a timely fashion.

On either email or regular mail, indicate “Iraq Photo Contest” and include your name, rank, age, e-mail, phone number and when you were in Iraq. “We can’t publish your pictures if we can’t reach you,” Pond said.

GQ will contact those whose pictures are chosen and will pay $200 to $1,000 for each one published, depending on the size they are used in the magazine.

“We will also credit you in the magazine, unless you prefer to be anonymous,” Pond said.

So forward this to the vets you know. They may get published and receive some cash, too.