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Blackfive T-Shirts: Status Report

Been getting many questions about the Blackfive t-shirts. I appreciate the questions. Here's a status report:

1. Found a t-shirt manufacturer willing to cut a good deal for the benefit of our wounded soldiers.
2. Found a great graphic designer who is helping me design a logo, finding the right (ie. military-style) fonts, etc. for the benefit of our wounded soldiers.
3. I have a few other ideas for products that may or may not work out. I'm keeping it simple and I'm looking for ways to lower margins in order to pass along more $ to our heroes.
4. Once I have the designs completed (near future), I will need to decide if I want to handle distribution or pay someone else to do it. If I do it myself, I figure I can save about (at least) $3 per t-shirt and pass that savings along as well.

Again, 100% of the net profit will be donated to Soldiers' Angels Wounded Projects which support the Combat Support Hospitals in Iraq (like the 11th CSH) along with Walter Reed, Brooke Army Medical and Balboa Marine Hospital. Soldiers' Angels are also helping the Ficsher Houses, and, when there is a need, giving a 250.00 cash gift to wounded soldiers families.

I figure about another four or five weeks and I'll be up and running with this project. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments and I'll try to answer them sometime today.