Terror in Russia and Here
PFC Christopher Fernandez - Someone You Should Know

Veterans'Day '04 Will Come Nine Days Early

Russ sent this gem. As a fellow vet and paratrooper, gotta agree with this one:

    How liberals do defy the mind
    For nothing in theirs’ can we find,
    That willingly will look with reason
    At how their man committed treason,

    Skulked off to Paris this effete
    To grovel at the Madame’s feet,
    Betraying his sworn officer’s oath
    To become the turncoat we so loathe.

    Our law is clear you shall not treat
    With America’s foes nor their cadres meet;
    Give aid nor comfort to enemy forces
    Nor espouse a view from hostile sources.

    Without a mandate from the state
    Wherefrom your right to negotiate?
    Was treason, John, and is treason still
    To this very day your unpaid bill.

    Don’t try to hide behind your youth.
    You knew the law you knew the truth.
    You knew your faux negotiation
    Would further tear our war-torn nation

    And all for what, John, your career
    So you can shameless brazen here,
    And claim now that you’re fit to lead
    The very nation you made bleed?

    And yet before us there you stand
    With medals blazing you demand
    Such treachery we must ignore
    Your treason that lost us our war.

    But hold on, John, we veterans say,
    You had your turn, now comes our day.
    You thought we slept, forgot your crime?
    Oh no, John boy, it’s come our time.

    Some say let you apologize
    But that won’t do it in our eyes.
    A man astride of each position
    Could we believe your true contrition?

    The vindication we’ll accept
    In settling up this long-held debt,
    Is each of us will do his best
    To deny you, John, your lifelong quest.

    Listen carefully John to what we say,
    November 2nd is Veterans’ Day.

    Russ Vaughn
    2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    101st Airborne Division
    Vietnam 65-66