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US Marine Brad Shuder - In God's Care

Charlie, the Kimchee GI, sends this article about Marine Brad Shuder. Lance Corporal Brad Shuder was killed in action last April during his second tour in Iraq.

During the invasion of Iraq, he was one of the first to cross into enemy territory. He also took part in the raid to rescue Army Private Jessica Lynch.

The Korean American Experience has an excellent piece about this American hero who will not be forgotten.

Read the K-A Experience article. Here are some other words about Brad:

Bugarin was Shuder's cousin and godfather, and the priest who officiated the service. Bugarin recalled some of the details from his cousin's death.

When Marines in Iraq pulled back Shuder's flak jacket, they found a small plastic pouch with pictures of his family.

The Marines put up a small memorial for Shuder and another Marine who died during the same battle. The piece of cardboard serving as a tribute read, "All that is needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Bugarin said that this is the kind of person Brad was.

"Brad was one of those good men," Bugarin said. "Brad was one of those heroes. Brad's sacrifice for you, for me and for the country is something we should not forget."

Bugarin mentioned a quote from Shuder that his parents had discovered following their son's death. It is a quote that sums up everything about Shuder's service and leaves his family with the knowledge that he did not die in vain.

"I joined because it was my dream," Shuder wrote. "I wanted to protect my loved ones. I wanted to protect the United States."

You did, Marine, you did...