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The Truth About Iraq

Steven Moore, who worked for the CPA in Iraq and had an anonymous blog (The View from Baghdad) there, now has a blog and project called The Truth About Iraq.

Steven was in Bagdad for nine months, from July of last year through April of this year, doing about a dozen polls and seventy focus groups, and advising Ambassador Bremer on Iraqi public opinion.

Since returning from Iraq, Steven was disgusted with how the media was portraying events in Iraq and thoroughly nauseated by Michael Moore (who has never been to Iraq) and the lies that he is propagating. So, Steven started The Truth About where he uses some of the polling information from Iraq to debunk some of the myths that have been created by the media.

Domestically, The Truth About Iraq organization also did a poll of swing state media markets- Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philly- and found out that a lot of the messages that they have on their site about how life is improving for Iraqis actually moves voters. Given that more than 7 million people watched Dan Rather last night, and Fahrenheit 9/11 has sold some 13 million tickets, Steven figures the only way to counter such massive disinformation is through paid television commercials.

So, check out The Truth About Iraq and see what you think of Steven Moore's blog and project.