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The Men of Echo Company

If you haven't seen the Echo site before, you should pay a visit. Jay B. sends this link to the KnightRidder presentation of one of the toughest fights in Iraq. The Marines of Echo 2/4, who fought and died in Ramadi, Iraq, in April, have their stories told by David Swanson and Joe Galloway. Because it focuses on all, the Marines you should know and the Marines that should never be forgotten, I've categorized it in both Someone You Should Know and Bonds.

The site is content rich - with news articles, interviews, profiles, photos and videos.

And reporter David Swanson was hit during the fighting as he attempted to capture what was happening...

...As illumination flares popped overhead, the two dozen Marines went house to house, interrogating and detaining men.

We heard a distant burst of gunfire and knelt against a wall surrounding a house. I raised my camera and photographed Echo Company's Iraqi translator, nicknamed "007," who was behind me.

There was another distant burst and something yanked at my right arm. I looked around to see why 007 had tugged at me, but he was too far away. I rolled up my sleeve and with my left hand felt a divot in the underside of my biceps, near my elbow, where blood was seeping out. I realized I'd been shot...

So, grab a cup of coffee and spend some time meeting these American heroes.