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The Draft

I am sick of this Draft Meme BS.

First, the Democrats want you to believe that we will have a draft just as soon as a bill can get passed through congress.  I just got an email from Phil and Amit with the Draft legislation attached.  It must be making the rounds through the email circuits again.

Why would they want that?

Isolationists and anti-military people would like to see the draft as a way to discourage voters from voting for Bush come election time.  Have you noticed how many times Senator Edwards yells out that there will be no draft in a Kerry Administration?  That's fear-mongering, plain and simple.

I absolutely mean no offense to all who served - millions of drafted Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coastguardsmen (and probably the Merchant Marine were drafted too) were heroes - however, no one in the military wants a draft.

Think about it.

If you volunteered to fight for your country, would you want to be sitting in a fighting position next to someone who didn't want to serve in the first place?  Hell, no, you wouldn't.  You'd want a lean, mean bad a$$ next to you ready to fight.

Our volunteer military works well.  We don't need a draft unless World War breaks out, but then we will probably have Russia, China, and India on our side...

What do you think?

Update:  Iowa Geek and PowerLine have a lot more information.