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How to Break Curses

I was born in Manhattan. When I was two, we moved to Boston. Then, when I was seven we moved to Chicago. I have always loved the Yankees, Cubs, and Red Sox. There is an order, however, to my adoration of the teams based on the reverse locations of where I lived. It usually only happens if they play each other and I absolutely have to make a choice. Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees. If the Cubs play either team, I'm for the Cubbies. If the Red Sox play the Yankees, I'm for the Sox (I know this won't make die-hard Sox fans happy).

Both the Cubs and Red Sox have been under curses for many, many decades. The Red Sox Curse may be over.

First, a bit of background for the uninitiated...The Boston Red Sox traded away Babe Ruth ("the Bambino") to the New York Yankees in 1920. The Red Sox had won 5 championships. Once the Yankees got a hold of Babe Ruth, they won a ton of championships.

However, since the trade, Boston has been in only four championships in 83 years, losing every one of them in the seventh and last game of the series.

About 14 years ago, Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe coined the term - "The Curse Of the Bambino". And now it seems the 83 year-old curse may have been lifted.

Sixteen year-old Lee Galvin was at the game in section 9 at Fenway. Manny Ramirez hit by a foul ball toward Galvin. The foul slid past the "Pesky Pole" and Galvin put up his arms to catch it. The ball flew through his hands and smacked him right in the mouth. He had his front teeth knocked out by the ball.

How does this lift the Curse of the Bambino, you ask?

Because Lee Galvin lives in Babe Ruth's house in Sudburry! This happened the same night that the Yankees suffered their biggest defeat in history - 22 to 0 by the Cleveland Indians.

Yea! The Curse is lifted*...much rejoicing.

Now, if we can do something about that damned goat!

*Note: I don't really believe in curses. While interesting to talk about, the curses are just excuses for having teams that perpetually suck.