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Some Europeans Just Need Their Chops Busted

Maggie Gallagher has an interesting Op-Ed about trying to hold a logical conversation with her friends in Switzerland.


"People hate you. Everyone hates you. The whole world hates you." The pretty middle-aged woman, a Swiss mother and scholar, at the dinner table in Geneva earnestly wants to make that perfectly clear.

She isn't angry with me. She thinks the American people are totally ignorant, misled by the media and a criminal president. She also thinks the United States invaded Afghanistan (news - web sites) in order to grab an oil pipeline.

This is my test of whether conversation is possible. I can understand how Europeans can believe the war in Iraq was about oil. After all, European nations like France and Russia had been benefiting from sweetheart oil deals in Iraq for years. But Afghanistan?

That small, rocky, undeveloped, desperately poor nation dominated by tribal warlords? Yeah, sure the war on terror is just an excuse. We've been lusting to take over Afghanistan for years. As if America needs a warm-water port...

Then, there's this little gem from Reuters.

One in Five Germans Wants the Berlin Wall Back
By Alexandra Hudson

BERLIN (Reuters) - Fourteen years and a trillion euros after reunification one in five Germans would like to see the barrier that split the country during the Cold War put back, a survey found Wednesday.

A poll by the Forsa institute found a quarter of western Germans wishing the 15 million east Germans were cut off again by the Berlin Wall, living in a different state, while 12 percent of eastern Germans wanted out of the united Germany...

It seems that 20% of Germans, who've been up in arms over our overt capitalism and imperialism (it's about the OIL), wish for the "happy times" of the Berlin Wall...that's right, the Berlin freakin' Wall.

And of course, who could forget the recent Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris where Frenchmen celebrated and thanked themselves for liberating Paris. Of course, French tanks were on parade to illuminate the fact that it was *cough* the French 2nd Armored that liberated Paris. No, the tanks did not drive backwards in the parade.

Update: Speaking of Europe, Kim du Toit has some cogent words about Parisians and "rudeness" - he was just in Paris - there's some good advice from him, too. And Connie (the Mrs.) has some good tips in the comments as well.