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Focusing On Honor

I just watched CNNs Reliable Sources talk about the forged documents alledging President Bush received unfair/preferable treatment in the Texas Air National Guard. There were three talking heads, one was Tucker Carlson and one was from Time who gave away the tagline to an article (in the new Time coming out) about the document forgeries.

Essentially, they are walking the Dan Rather plank ("the documents are a tiny sliver of the story").

So far, the only show that really spent time on the issue was Scarborough Country. And it was covered well, there.

My point in this Sunday morning post has everything to do with clearing the name of Lieutenant Colonel Killian who, by every single account, was a honorable and dedicated Officer. By allowing the forgeries to stand against all logic - including statements against the documents issued by Killian's son (also a retired Air National Guard Officer) and his widow - CBS is defaming the character of the service of LTC Killian.

Defaming LTC Killian's character?

I am sure that you military folks (and many of you who never wore a uniform) understand that writing a memo referenced to CYA is craven and not looked upon as worthy of the uniform of our Armed Forces. To military Officers, putting your career ahead of doing what is right is possibly one of the most distgusting acts for someone to commit (anyone thinking of the VVAW?).

If any of this pisses me off, it's the fact that CBS probably doesn't care about that. Or they aren't worried about it because LTC Killian passed away years ago.

Dan Rather and whoever forged those documents needs their chops busted...big time.