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Operation Fortunate Son Is Not So Fortunate...or Smart

You know, I keep harping on the fact that these organizations should be hiring MilBloggers to fact-check their ass...

The Democratic National Committee has been getting into the fray (instead of Ta-rez-ah's MoveOn). Now, with Operation Fortunate Son they are going after a campaign brochure from 1978 that discusses George W. Bush's service:

George W. Bush's campaign literature claimed that he "served in the U.S. Air Force." The only problem? He didn't.

As Bush continues to refuse to answer questions about his National Guard Service, Bush campaign literature in 1978 includes a lie about his military service. Flyers distributed to Texas voters during Bush's failed Congressional race say "he served in the U.S. Air Force and the Texas Air National Guard." But according to Air Force officials, Air National Guardsmen are not counted as members of the active-duty Air Force. [AP, 7/13/99; The Nation, 8/24/04]

Um, okay, so who exactly taught George Bush how to fly airplanes? The Air National Guard?


The Air Force operates the Officer Candidate School and Flight School. And any, ANY, Reservist or National Guardsman will tell you that they served on Active Duty in the active component at some point in their careers - Boot Camp, anyone? Skill Training? (I believe most of the Air Force recruits attend Basic Training - along with Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve troops - at Lackland, right?)

It's not called "Active Duty for Training" because it's National Guard Duty for training.

I really think that the guy who wrote the forged memos on his Dell is the same genius who is pushing this new attack. Why?

Because whoever forged the memos and whoever keeps making these mostly baseless attacks doesn't really know much (a little, but not much) about the military. It's a pattern. And it keeps biting them in the ass...

You'd think that Retired AF General Tony McPeak (a new Kerry advisor) could help out a little in this area.

Update: MilBlogger, Jason Van Steenwyk at CounterColumn has some more to say about how dumb the DNC is to go after this meme.