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One Million

At approximately 3:24PM CST, Blackfive's one millionth unique visitor crossed the SP.

The referring URL for the 999,999th visitor was Tammi's Road Warrior Survival Rules.

Thanks, Tammi!

And the blog sending the one millionth visitor was...appropriately so, The Mudville Gazette!

It just seems like not so long ago that I received an email from Greyhawk asking if I wanted to join MilBlogs. I think I was fourth in enlisting in that outfit and my traffic went from a few hundred per day to a few thousand in only two months. I thought if 100 people visited Blackfive per day that would be a success. I almost can't believe how far things have come/gone in the last year.

Thanks, Greyhawk (and Co.)!

Mr. (or Mrs.) one million and one came from the Swift Vets.

Thanks to everyone for visiting Blackfive.