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Kerry's "Friendly" Fire

One thing that you'll hear a lot of the military men and women say is that, "after eight long years of disrespect and embarrasment, we finally have a Commander In Chief worthy of the military."

Does that mean that we all think that George Bush is the best President of all time?


But it does mean one thing, we know where he stands. We know where we stand with him. It's really that simple.

That's why if you ask us to name a Democrat that we'd vote for, we respond with names like Lieberman, Miller, or even Gephardt. They get it. You'd think a self-proclaimed war hero would get it, too. But no, he doesn't have a clue while he is nuancing his latest position. His words are becoming more and more harmful to the military - whether it's about leaving Iraq (and inspiring terrorists to fight harder) or a poorly trained military (I'm sure all the commanders are saying, "thanks, pal") or the nonsense about a back-door draft (and playing on everyone's fear of another Vietnam).

Here's what I've said that would make me think about voting for someone:

    You want my vote, fellas? How about a huge pay increase so our Sergeants don't have to use food stamps to take care of their families? How about funding a massive increase in troops to support a rotation overseas that will minimize time away from families and reduce dependence on the Guard and Reserve? How about funding better weapons, better armor, and better training? How about ACTUALLY SHOWING UP TO VOTE FOR ONCE!

    How about supporting HR 4323 and getting it through the Senate? That bill would provide money for emergency purchases of body armor and materials to up-armor vehicles. That bill could actually save lives.

    THAT would impress me, Senators.

    Instead, we military mostly think that you feel the same way about us that Bill Clinton did. You loath us. That doesn't mean we will quit if you are elected. That means that we'll drive on. We thrive when the leadership is good and we suffer when it's bad but we still serve.

    But how about the pay increase, hhmmm?

Now, my pal Greyhawk is In-Country and he's one of the best writers out there. If you want a flavor for what it feels like to be there, read it. And be sure to note how he feels about John Kerry and his anti-military posse trying to pretend like they know WTF they are doing...