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Is the AP Biased?

John Forbes Kerry and the National Guard

There were many reports today about Kerry's speech at the National Guard Association convention in Las Vegas today. There's about 3,600 delegates from the National Guard at the convention. Here's just a few stories from various newswires about the response Kerry received:

AP - Kerry: Bush Not Being Straight About Iraq
- AP talked about a lot of things but not the reception that Senator Kerry received.

Bloomberg - Kerry Says Bush `Failed' by Not Telling Truth on Iraq
- While Bush received seven standing ovations during his remarks to the Guard association, Kerry's speech was greeted with polite and scattered applause. His remarks on Bush's handling of the war in Iraq were met with silence.

Newsday - Kerry: Bush misleads on Iraq
- Kerry's 30-minute speech was met with tepid applause and less enthusiasm than Bush's -- Kerry got 11 rounds of applause to Bush's 32 -- and the crowd of several thousand was smaller than the estimated 4,300 who attended Bush's address. earlier this evening I get an email from Major Tim, a buddy of mine in the National Guard (he's a full time Guardsman). Here's what Tim says:

...After the intro, you could hear a pin drop. Then, about 150 delegates get up and walk out. There were a few thousand there. Less than ten percent left. No one really clapped. No one really gave a ---- about what he was saying because no believes a word coming out of his pie-hole...
Tim thought the speech was pretty good overall, though.

Here's the text of his speech (John Kerry dot com) and here's where I wondered if he would offer anything of substance and I offered a few suggestions on how to get my vote:

    You want my vote, fellas? How about a huge pay increase so our Sergeants don't have to use food stamps to take care of their families? How about funding a massive increase in troops to support a rotation overseas that will minimize time away from families and reduce dependence on the Guard and Reserve? How about funding better weapons, better armor, and better training? How about ACTUALLY SHOWING UP TO VOTE FOR ONCE!

    How about supporting HR 4323 and getting it through the Senate? That bill would provide money for emergency purchases of body armor and materials to up-armor vehicles. That bill could actually save lives.

    THAT would impress me, Senators.