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Is ANYBODY Running the Kerry Campaign?

John Forbes Kerry just made a change - I think it's the 23rd - about his views on our involvement in Iraq. I watched him allude to the fact that Iraq was better off with Saddam in power instead of the "chaos" that exists there now.

And I just watched President Bush quote John Kerry on Iraq. It was devastating.

Via Rueters ...Kerry's comments drew a sharp response from Bush, who said Kerry "prefers the stability of a dictatorship to the hope and security of democracy" and accused him of adopting Bush's own proposals on what to do next in war-ravaged Iraq.

"Today my opponent continued his pattern of twisting in the wind with new contradictions of old positions on Iraq," Bush said in Derry, New Hampshire.

Bush pointed out that last December, while battling anti-war candidate Howard Dean for the Democratic nomination, Kerry said anyone who did not believe removing Saddam Hussein from power had made Iraq safer did not have the credibility to be president.

"I could not have said it better," said Bush, who accused Kerry of sending mixed signals at a delicate time in Iraq's history...

How many times is he going to change his stance on this?

And by making a statement like that, do any of you think that he is encouraging the terrorists (in the *ahem* Sunni Triangle)?