PC Polizei Win Fight That Didn't Need To Be Fought
The Marine Sergeant Senator

If John Forbes Kerry Supports the Military...

...then, why hasn't he addressed crowds of soldiers, yet? I'm not talking about at Wendy's, either.

Senator John McCain did it. President Bush did it.

Why not Senator John Forbes Kerry? It's not like everyone in the military is a Republican...Hhhmmmm.

Retired Marine First Sergeant Curt, sent this to me this morning (and stirred up this post):

“Kerry has not even gone anywhere near a base to address what I consider a sizable voting block. Yeah I know “No S*** Gus” no wonder you were a 1stSgt.” I mean we are talking somewhere around 1.5 million votes Active and Active Reserve/Guard right now... You would think a guy who says he has “been there and done that” and talks so candidly about his “experience” would want to do that...Finally; if you really want to know what it’s like, what they are facing abroad and how the families here at home our coping; If you truly want to prove how worthy you are; you have but one choice “Get you A** out there and see and hear it for yourself!!”
Well, what do you think?