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Bush Military Memos Forgeries?


The memos attesting to President Bush's neglect of his Guard committment seem to be forgeries to these folks at Powerline (who's writers are seriously firing up the blogosphere on a lot of topics).

In order to see what they were talking about, I dug up my promotion order to Sergeant - which was in the mid-eighties - and it was done on an IBM Selectric. I might post it so you can see the difference between what was supposed to be George Bush's indicting memos in 1973 and what memos looked like in the 80's. I think the folks at Poweline and Free Republic are correct here.

And David Mobley at a Physicist's Perspective has a bit more on the subject.

Update: LGF's Charles Johnson found an amazing resemblance of one memo from 1973 to Times New Roman on MS Word by, oh my gosh!, typing up the memo verbatim and comparing the "1973" version with the 2004 version. Why does Charles have all the common sense?

BTW, while Microsoft developed a word processor in 1983 called PC Word that no one used, MS Word wasn't developed until 1989.

Another Update: Apparently, Charles is not the only one with common sense. THERE ARE TWO in the whole blogosphere.

Here's the other guy - at Space Town USA.

Another Another Important Update: Bill at INDC Journal talked to a forensics expert on typefaces today. This is only getting worse for the big media giants that decided to not talk to the right experts or possibly use their own computers to compare typefacing...(advantage Bill)

Was that because they are really that sloppy? Doesn't journalism school teach you anything?

Or are they just BIASED?