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September 2004

It's an OUTRAGE!


John G. sends this article from Modern Drunkard about Jack Daniels deciding to lower the alcohol content of Old No. 7.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 is a simple reminder that some things just never change. And shouldn’t. This is the old-time whiskey made as our fathers made it. Remaining true to Jack Daniel’s original recipe and charcoal-mellowed character means folks today enjoy the same sipping whiskey awarded seven international gold medals.

So says Jack's Daniel's web site. Rather inspiring, isn't it? Such noble sentiments should warm the cockles of the most cynical drunkard's heart.

Unfortunately, not a word of it is true. For the second time since the Brown-Forman Corporation acquired the distillery in 1956, they have lowered the proof of Jack Daniel's Black Label Tennessee Whiskey. Fifteen years ago they dropped its original 90 proof to 86, and very recently, and might I saw with zero fanfare, they degraded it to 80 proof...

Included in the article is a link to sign a petition in protest of degrading Old No. 7 any further. Read the article to see how the PC Police can get at anything - even whiskey. It's a travesty. This is at least as important as RatherGate.

[No animals were hurt in the production of this post]

The Truth About Iraq

Steven Moore, who worked for the CPA in Iraq and had an anonymous blog (The View from Baghdad) there, now has a blog and project called The Truth About Iraq.

Steven was in Bagdad for nine months, from July of last year through April of this year, doing about a dozen polls and seventy focus groups, and advising Ambassador Bremer on Iraqi public opinion.

Since returning from Iraq, Steven was disgusted with how the media was portraying events in Iraq and thoroughly nauseated by Michael Moore (who has never been to Iraq) and the lies that he is propagating. So, Steven started The Truth About Iraq.org where he uses some of the polling information from Iraq to debunk some of the myths that have been created by the media.

Domestically, The Truth About Iraq organization also did a poll of swing state media markets- Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philly- and found out that a lot of the messages that they have on their site about how life is improving for Iraqis actually moves voters. Given that more than 7 million people watched Dan Rather last night, and Fahrenheit 9/11 has sold some 13 million tickets, Steven figures the only way to counter such massive disinformation is through paid television commercials.

So, check out The Truth About Iraq and see what you think of Steven Moore's blog and project.

The Duh-bate

Since I'll be up taking care of my daughter, I'll be watching the debate but not able to dip into the scotch.

I wish I could take part in Mama Montezz's Debate Drinking Game (she's one of my favorite writers, too)...

Number 5. Anytime Kerry attempts a joke or takes a stab at humor, for which humor will probably file charges for attempted murder.

The Vietnam Files

David Prendergast - a lawyer, a Vietnam Veteran and an advocate for Vietnam Veterans for over thirty years - recently launched a web site which contains the entire document archive for the U.S. Marine Corps for all units deployed to Vietnam from 1960-1975. It's a subscription based site and you have to pay a monthly fee for access, but the site has an index of links that are useful and the preview is cool (Battle of Chu Lai info).

The Vietnam Files

This archive contains the monthly command chronologies, after action reports, operational reports, and much more. David uses this material to validate veteran stressors and to document events for narratives submitted with V.A. disability applications.

This information is an amazing compilation of the heritage and valor of Marine Vietnam Veterans.

Thanks to Seamus and Gunny Jim Gregory for the link.

Thank You, NRO

Because of the link from NRO a few days ago, one of my brothers discovered the blog and quickly figured out who was behind it.

He thought I sounded familiar and then saw the pajamas picture. That did it.

The first thing he said was "I'm telling MOM!"

Just kidding...actually what he wrote was:

Hey brother, Got linked to your site today from National Review Online. Got curious about the person behind what I was reading, a lo and behold, there are some interesting similarities to my brother. Great site, I didn't realize you were famous. PS. I really liked the picture of you, your wife and the dog!
The NRO - bringing brothers together...

The Draft

I am sick of this Draft Meme BS.

First, the Democrats want you to believe that we will have a draft just as soon as a bill can get passed through congress.  I just got an email from Phil and Amit with the Draft legislation attached.  It must be making the rounds through the email circuits again.

Why would they want that?

Isolationists and anti-military people would like to see the draft as a way to discourage voters from voting for Bush come election time.  Have you noticed how many times Senator Edwards yells out that there will be no draft in a Kerry Administration?  That's fear-mongering, plain and simple.

I absolutely mean no offense to all who served - millions of drafted Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coastguardsmen (and probably the Merchant Marine were drafted too) were heroes - however, no one in the military wants a draft.

Think about it.

If you volunteered to fight for your country, would you want to be sitting in a fighting position next to someone who didn't want to serve in the first place?  Hell, no, you wouldn't.  You'd want a lean, mean bad a$$ next to you ready to fight.

Our volunteer military works well.  We don't need a draft unless World War breaks out, but then we will probably have Russia, China, and India on our side...

What do you think?

Update:  Iowa Geek and PowerLine have a lot more information.

Wizbangs 2004 Weblogs Awards

Kevin Aylward at Wizbang has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long, long time.

He hosts the most accurate Weblog Awards around (better than the WashPo). BTW, last year, I was in 3rd for Best New Blog (Allah and Healing Iraq were the two ahead of me, deservedly so). While you will be able to nominate this blog for a 2004 Award, the competition will be much more fierce as I'm either a Mortal Human or Primate in the Ecosystem depending on when you look. In any case, Wizbang makes the awards more interesting...Last year, Hugh Hewitt and others created a coalition that did very, very well.

So stay tuned for the announcement of the 2004 Weblog Awards hosted by the great folks at Wizbang!