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Who Supports America?

Toby Keith, that's who...

This is from Amy K. whose Marine husband, Brian, came home from leave recently. I'll let her explain what happened:

Seamus and Matt:
I know you've probably heard Toby Keith is very supportive of the military. I had the opportunity to experience this first hand. I had bought Brian tickets to see Toby Keith for his birthday while he was home on leave. Wanting to make this the best birthday yet, especially since he was on R&R, I contacted Toby's management company to see if there was ANY way that Toby could say "Happy Birthday" to him during the concert. I faxed a letter including a copy of my id card along with a couple of pictures of Brian in Iraq. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call from Toby's management company the next day! Amanda at Tokeco informed me that Toby wouldn't be able to say "Happy Birthday" but would backstage passes for a meet and greet be acceptable? Of course my answer was an emphatic YES!!! I am attaching a copy of the photo taken of us with Toby at the concert. Needless to say, Brian thinks this was the best birthday ever. He goes back to Iraq this Saturday. Although I am sad to see him go yet again, I am eager to get the ball rolling again for his quick, PERMANENT return home in sometime next March. Toby is a wonderful supporter of the military and I am so glad to have him on our side. I hope everyone affiliated with the military in any manner is aware of this.

Amy K.
29 Palms, CA

Picture of Toby Keith, Amy, and Brian is in the Extended Section:


Amy sent this follow up when I asked her if I could post her message.

Absolutely. It was an incredible experience for both of us. I had gotten seats center floor, 16 rows out. Toby finished his concert with American Soldier followed by Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue. I knew I was going to lose it when he sang American Soldier. But, as I've told my three girls these past six months--this song is not a sad one, it's a proud one. It's pride in our husbands, daddies, brothers, and sons who can make a commitment and sacrifice that probably 95% of other Americans cannot or will not.

Watching the protesters in NYC just makes me all the more proud of my husband who now fights for their right to dissent and my father who put 32 years into the US Navy ('57-'89) previously...

It's families like Amy's that are making a difference in the world.

Thank god that people like Toby Keith recognize the sacrifices of our military AND their families