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Want to Help a Marine in Najaf?

The father of a Marine in Najaf has sent a request for people to send the Marines letters of encouragement (and comfort items if you are so inclined). If you are interested, send me an email.

Hey Brother,

Got a call from Danny this morning about 06:00. We haven't heard much from him for three weeks, or there 'bouts. It seems that his MEU is taking it to our enemies, in Najaf. His report: "It's been three days of non-stop fighting and killing, Dad." Says he lost three of his Marines to serious wounds; but, thankfully, no fatalities in his unit. He attributes the latter to close air support, Marine armor, outstanding leadership of the NCO's, and the superb marksmanship of individual (and collective efforts of the) US Marine rifleman. I know he's in a very precarious situation when he asks for prayers. John, his voice has changed -- again. His laconic "Send prayers, Dad. Send prayers. We need 'em. Our guys are getting tired. We haven't had any sleep in a week; pray our eyes STAY OPEN (multiple meaning here). Oh, yeah, send razor blades, shave cream, and flea collars," tells me allot. He's concerned, as well he should be, but he's also looking forward to a new day. This is a good thing!

By no means a prodigal, but when our son comes home, I WILL kill the fatted lamb, and he WILL have a new robe, and you're invited to celebrate in our joy. Meanwhile, I ask prayers for all our young warriors, especially 1st LAR Battalion, Company C, 2nd Platoon, of the 1st Marine Division. Forgive me if I seem a little selfish here; for, I freely admit that I am, and make no apology. That said, as you know, I do believe in the power of prayer. I also know that you have access to a rather extensive network. To all our friends and colleagues, we ask that you keep all of our Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen in your prayers -- every day until THIS war is over; which, I fear, will be for quite some time. If you ever get a real spurt of energy, you can send your "regards"...
Update 08-22-04: 80 emails so far requesting the name and address.