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Truth and Gravity

John Kerry has said many, many things which have been "seared" into his memory. And it's natural for us, after thirty odd years of lies, to question just about everything he says.

Most of you military types, gun enthusiasts and physicists will know this fact. If you fire a bullet from a rifle, it will fall just as fast as if you held it in your hand and dropped it.

The bullet, while fleeing in a trajectory, cannot evade the law of gravity.

The truth is like gravity, and lies are like bullets. No matter how fast you "deny, deny, deny" or counter-accuse your detractors, truth, like gravity, will win out. Lies will impact.

Escape velocity won't happen in this case. Too many veterans are pulling down on the lies - creating the gravity of truth. And it's only going to get worse for John Forbes Kerry...