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The Question for Veterans for Kerry

Look, folks, I am not going to vote for John Kerry. I don't like John Kerry. I don't believe in John Kerry.

    "I don't care for John Kerry at all. I personally think that he disgraced the military himself by his actions. I also believe that, by protesting the war in the manner in which he chose, he had a part in helping us lose the war, lose lives, increase the suffering of our POWs, and setting us back in the Cold War. I believe him to be a crook, duplicitious and conniving. I don't believe that he served the citizens of this country (let alone Massachusets) well. I certainly don't believe that he should be a Senator - let alone President. I would never shake John Kerry's hand." - Blackfive, February 18th, 2004

As I've blogged before, my immense disregard for Senator John Kerry really has nothing to do with his medals...hhhmmm.

    Unless you count the ones that he threw over the fence onto the White House lawn. Shaming himself while trying to shame everyone who fought in that war. And don't use his "they were just ribbons" or "they were someone else's medals" argument here. I'll seriously ban your ass for stupidity.

    Or, unless you count the three purple hearts that took him away from his "band of brothers". Shaming himself for abandoning his men. Whether he earned them or not is not the issue. He used them to say, "luego, muchachos". Remember that he requested the duty in the first place.

    Or, unless you count the fact that he now claims to be a hero (backed up by bona fide medals that he threw over a fence) when he used to claim that he (and everyone else in Vietnam) were actually war criminals according to the Geneva Convention. I don't know that I could ever forgive him for those lies.

So I just have one question for you Active Duty Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen: Would you ever leave your men in a combat zone because you earned the right to go home early, even though you were physically able to continue leading them?

Would the rest of you?

That's what I thought.

How many Soldiers and Marines have been wounded but have stayed with their units when physically able? Hundreds, I'll bet. I just read a report that one Marine battalion had 50 wounded return to duty recently.

I cannot feel anything but utter contempt for Kerry when I think about men like Sergeant Kenneth Conde and others that chose to stay with their troops than take an early trip home.

If that doesn't paint you a picture of why I feel the way I do about John Kerry, if you can't figure it out for yourself by now, then visit some other blog. Thank you.