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The Grace of God

People that know me very well, know that there isn't any rational reason why I'm here today. Those who were there can't explain it...some blame fate.

But for the Grace of God, I survived.

But for the Grace of God, I have a wonderful son.

And now I have a healthy and happy baby daughter.

I have said before that I'm the luckiest SOB that you ever met. Lucky? Sure. To this day, I still don't know why I'm around, but, after many years, I have learned to accept each day a gift - an extraordinary gift by the Grace of God.

Everyone, say hello to Grace.


Gracie was born yesterday. Seven pounds, thirteen ounces. Twenty inches. She was a week early. So far, she likes it when I sing "Swinging on a Star" to her. She doesn't much care for being wrapped up. And she's got a healthy appetite.

Everyone is healthy, a bit tired, and very happy.

My son was very excited to meet his little sister, but soon wondered what the big deal was about her...he was a bit disappointed at the lack of baby entertainment.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouraging words.

More tomorrow...