Why Mr. Stein Rocks!
"He Just Sold Them Out"

Swifties and POWs against Kerry

Oh man, is this going to hurt the lefties...and leave a mark.

Go to Mudville right now and check out Greyhawk's post about the new ad against John Kerry featuring his own damning testimony and the effect it had on POWs.

It. Is. A. Must. See.

Oh, and don't compare this to Bush's Air National Guard service. It has nothing to do with it.

1. He left his fellow sailors early - in a combat zone. That's not something a leader does.
2. He accused Viet Nam veterans of being war criminals. That's not something a "brother" does.

Notice that I don't really care about medals. The above two points should be enough for all of you to get a sinking feeling in your stomach just thinking of Kerry as Commander-In-Chief.