Media Bias #752
Protest the Republicans - Legitimate or Freakshow?

Powerline versus Jim "I'm a Big Deputy Editor!" Boyd

There's an interesting battle going on in Minneapolis.

Basically, two of the Powerline bloggers (John H. Hinderaker and Scott W. Johnson) co-authored an Op-Ed piece about the Swift Boat Veterans claims going unheard by the main stream media. In return, Jim Boyd, the Star Tribune's deputy editorial page editor, launched a counter piece that Hugh Hewitt described as "an actionable defamatory screed directed at the Powerline writers".

Below are links to the latest in this battle between some extremely smart bloggers and *ahem* the big freakin' media. The Powerline boys argue with facts. Boyd claims he would take them on if only he had the space...

John H. Hinderaker and Scott W. Johnson: Reply to Cambodia piece left main points unchallenged

Jim Boyd: This year, the political smear is exposed even as it's happening

Read them both, then decide for yourself who is winning this one.