A Ordinary Veteran Speaks Out
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Personal Note

Just a personal note about what's been going on around here lately...

Either They Are On His Side Or They Are Fools
I'm a bit sick and tired of all this Kerry business.  BIG HOWEVER, the media just isn't paying attention or they are covering for Kerry (which is much worse).  I watched some of the talking heads on Sunday and they all focused on the award citations as what happened to Kerry and Thurlow.  Chris Wallace of Fox had his head up his a$$ waving one of the three award citations for Kerry's bronze star.  These media geniuses are playing right into the Kerry Campaign's hands by obfuscating the real issues.  Kerry lied about Christmas in Cambodia.  Kerry lied about atrocities.  Kerry is no friend of the military or this country. 

The issue is Kerry's ability to lead and be true to America - and based on his actions after the Vietnam war and in the Senate, I don't think that he deserves the opportunity and privelege to lead.  And in this desperate time of need to protect America, Kerry is the wrong choice for America.  Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman, and others are so much better suited to lead America than Kerry - by their words, their love, and their actions.

What Kind of Man Is He?
Staying with your men in combat has nothing to do with the desire to fight or the willingness to fight an unjust war.  It has to do with love.  Not gushy amorous love, but the love of nasty, dirty, ragged fighting spirit of Americans the world over.  Once you've witnessed it, you'll be changed forever.  I believe that many of you have read about it here - either in the form of tributes to our fallen heroes or finding out about people that you should know.

You see it today in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's been apart of the American military that I knew, your fathers knew, your grandfathers knew.  Making a difference, never quiting, fighting on until you're dragged away kicking and screaming.  If you don't believe me, find anyone in any military service that's had the privelege of Command.  War or not.  I don't care if they commanded the Laundry and Bath company or a company of Rangers.  They'll tell you there's no better job than commanding American soldiers...no better privelege, no better honor.  Once you've led these magnificient young Americans, every other assignment or job is a hollow husk against it.

Personally, I don't understand how a true American Fighting Man can leave his troops during combat.   And because I don't doubt Kerry's bravery, I can come to no other conclusion than he was a calculating, politically motivated S.O.B.

Quetioning His Patriotism
Yes, I openly question John Kerry's patriotism.   By his votes and his testimonies, John Forbes Kerry damaged the morale and undermined the military's ability to fight.

Is It A Military Thing?
It's frustrating to watch this debate over medals.  I've received emails from civilian readers who believe that people will vote for Kerry because they can't understand his actions during and after the war in a military context.  I don't really believe that.  A rat is flippin' rat.

There are millions of veterans out there.  Millions.  The word needs to get out about Kerry and what his actions caused.  The medals are not an issue with me.  His courage is not an issue with me.

I know yesterday was "Blackfive says Kerry-Is-A-Giant-A$$!" fest around here, but there's a lot of information that needs to get out there.

If you want to help, please spread the word about the Veteran Rally in Washington, DC on the 12th of September.  If thousands and thousands of veterans and their families rally, we just might show the world what Kerry's "brothers and sisters" really think of him.

Update:  Reap what you sew.  Via the WSJ.  It's a pretty good look at John Forbes Kerry.