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August 2004

Discussion About Sponsors

My sponsors - a subject I really have never touched - need a bit of description. I thought I had better say something in the interests of transparency/full disclosure (ala Phil Carter). First, the money from the sponsors goes toward the upkeep of the site. Whatever's left, I donate to Soldiers' Angels or other organizations that support military people. I won't donate proceeds to politically motivated orgs. So you are not really lining my pockets (but may be giving me a tax break when I claim the donations) by visiting these sponsors. I thought you should know who gets the donations. If you support that and/or like the products, click through and check out the sponsors.

At the top, Right Wing Stuff has held the top spot (in order of how long the ad has stayed here) for most of the months that I've been advertising. They have some great products. Actually, this one had me laughing and is my favorite slogan from Right Wing Stuff.

Next is Hot Sauce. Now, Hot Sauce has caused a bit of a controversy for me. There's a few local Christian radio stations in Michigan that would occasionally talk about my blog...that is until I posted the Hot Sauce ad. Also, I received a few emails from gentlemen who told me that their wives won't let them read my blog because of the ad. Seriously. Granted, Hot Sauce has a model in a bikini for it's ad because Hot Sauce features model interviews and has pictures of the models being interviewed and that offends some people. There's no nudity but some provocative posing there. It's a male-oriented site definitely, but everyone really should check the site out. Hot Sauce has some really cool interviews with musicians, too, like Rachel Yamagata - a Chicago sensation - and other topics like sports and cars.

Then there's the wonderful VRWC. Their latest shirt claims that flip-flops are for feet...

Next, the indomitable Tony Blair has a tribute site - Thank You Tony. Talk about friends, we've none better than the Brits, along with the Poles, the Aussies, the El Sals, the Italians, etc. At this site, you can post a thank you to Mr. Blair for his support against terrorism. The messages get printed and shipped weekly to the PMs office on Downing Street. So far, over 46,000 of you have sent him a thank you. That's pretty darn cool.

Finally, JC T-Shirts has three different designs that will definitely stir up conversation wherever you are...Check them out. I have the Hegemony shirt. I like the cog, too. Might send that one to a few friends in the Pentagon.

I do have Google Ads (which don't seem to really work for me - that means no $ yet) and a link to Amazon where I build up credits for purchases made from clicking through Blackfive. So far, I've gotten about $16 from that and I used it to pay for part of Hugh Hewitt's book - If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It.

I do get free books from publishers every once in awhile. I bought Hugh's book and I bought Unfit for Command.

There are also two text ads that currently advertise on-line poker and texas hold 'em.

So there you have it.

O'Neill Says Bush Can't Stop Swiftvets

John O'Neill has an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal today. It's subscription only so I'll post the whole thing:

We're Not GOP Shills
President Bush can't stop us from telling the truth about John Kerry.

Friday, August 27, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT

We formed Swift Boat Veterans For Truth for one purpose: to present to the American public our conclusion that John Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief. We are organized as a "527 group" with Adm. Roy Hoffmann at the helm, our leader today as he was some 35 years ago when we served under him in Coastal Squadron One in Vietnam. Our membership is transparent and shown on our Web site, www.swiftvets.com, currently including more than 250 Swiftees. We have 17 of the 23 officers who served with Mr. Kerry, most of his chain of command, and most sailors. We have more than 60 winners of real Purple Hearts. No one has a better right than we do to speak to the matters involving our unit.

Are we controlled by the Bush-Cheney campaign? Absolutely not. The Swift boat veterans who joined our group come in all political flavors: independents, Republicans, Democrats and other more subtle variations. Had another person been the presidential candidate of the Democrats, our group never would have formed. Had Mr. Kerry been the Republican candidate, each of us would still be here.

We do not take direction from the White House or the president's re-election committee, and our efforts would continue even if President Bush were to ask us directly to stop.

Why have we come forward? As explained in "Unfit For Command," Mr. Kerry grossly exaggerated and lied about his abbreviated four-month tour in Vietnam. He disgraced all legitimate Vietnam War heroes when he falsely testified to Congress that we were war criminals, daily engaged in atrocities that had the full approval of all levels in the chain of command. So, once Mr. Kerry decided to apply for the commander in chief's job with a war-hero résumé, we felt compelled to come forward to explain why he is "unfit for command."

We have faced assaults on our character, motives, personal backgrounds and honesty. We are told that Mr. Kerry's camp has prepared attack dossiers on the members of our organization. I have been charged with being a Republican shill. But for more than 30 years, I have been non-political, and have voted for as many Democrats as Republicans. In truth, I consider myself a political independent, regardless of how John Kerry and his supporters try to characterize me.

The Kerry-Edwards camp has threatened TV stations with libel suits should they choose to run our ads. Mr. Kerry has filed a complaint with the FEC, seeking to silence us.

How many different ways will John Kerry devise to ask President Bush to condemn our ads and squash our book? Why, Mr. Kerry, are our charges as a 527 group unacceptable to you, while the pronouncements from 527 groups favorable to you are considered acceptable, regardless of stridency and veracity? And we do not have a George Soros, willing to drop millions into our modest group. We control our message. To date, we have received $2 million from 30,000 Americans who have donated an average of around $64.
Mr. Kerry, we ask you not to repeat the same mistake you made when you returned from war: Please stop maligning your fellow veterans. Dealing with us should be easy. Just answer our charges. Produce your Vietnam journal and notes, and execute Standard Form 180 so the American people can see your complete military record--not just the few forms you put on your website or show to campaign biographers.

Mr. O'Neill, author of "Unfit For Command" (Regnery, 2004), is a member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Gauntlet thrown. Will Kerry respond?

If the past month is any indication, he won't pull his head...out of the sand (you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?).

Rock on, Mr. O'Neill. The Swift Boat Vets just scored another $100 donation from me.

Terrorism Or Mechanical Failure

When I was watching the news with Mrs. Blackfive, yesterday, and we saw the speculation that two Russian passengers planes had crashed - possibly due to terrorism, Mrs. Blackfive leaned over and said, "What do you think about that?"

"Russians shot 'em down", was my answer.

Knowing the Russian regard for human life runs a bit low, and knowing their use of deadly force in terrorist actions in the past, and knowing their propensity to blow @#%& up before getting any answers, I was thinking that two MIGs intercepted the planes (after the pilots set off the terror alert beacons) and shot them down before they could be crashed into the Kremlin or other government buildings.

Now, it looks like I was probably wrong about a downing by the Russian Air Force. Russian government officials are saying it looks like terrorists blew up the planes. No group yet has claimed responsibility. And the Russian government is not known for "transparency" so we may never know who did what.

Maybe someone used Surface-to-Air missles instead of taking over the planes. I haven't looked at or heard about the size of the debris field. It could be miles if a SAM was used. A bit less if it were a bomb. And a lot less if they were forced down.

Maybe, and the odds aren't that bad, the two planes could have just crashed simultaneously. After all, Russian aviation is in pretty sorry shape.

Considering the lack of a terrorist group claiming responsibility, what do you think happened?

Action Needed

Quick! Email Glenn Reynolds and tell him that he is definitely wrong when he says that the Mudville Gazette "is exceptionally lame". He can't talk that way about the founder of MilBlogs!...after all, Glenn never served in Vietnam.

Just kidding.

But really, Glenn, the least you could do would be to actually link to Mudville...sheesh!

Update: Now, I'm putting out a book about all of this stuff. Sponsored by Bloggers for the Truth about Linking. Book Cover in the Extended Section....

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Personal Note

Just a personal note about what's been going on around here lately...

Either They Are On His Side Or They Are Fools
I'm a bit sick and tired of all this Kerry business.  BIG HOWEVER, the media just isn't paying attention or they are covering for Kerry (which is much worse).  I watched some of the talking heads on Sunday and they all focused on the award citations as what happened to Kerry and Thurlow.  Chris Wallace of Fox had his head up his a$$ waving one of the three award citations for Kerry's bronze star.  These media geniuses are playing right into the Kerry Campaign's hands by obfuscating the real issues.  Kerry lied about Christmas in Cambodia.  Kerry lied about atrocities.  Kerry is no friend of the military or this country. 

The issue is Kerry's ability to lead and be true to America - and based on his actions after the Vietnam war and in the Senate, I don't think that he deserves the opportunity and privelege to lead.  And in this desperate time of need to protect America, Kerry is the wrong choice for America.  Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman, and others are so much better suited to lead America than Kerry - by their words, their love, and their actions.

What Kind of Man Is He?
Staying with your men in combat has nothing to do with the desire to fight or the willingness to fight an unjust war.  It has to do with love.  Not gushy amorous love, but the love of nasty, dirty, ragged fighting spirit of Americans the world over.  Once you've witnessed it, you'll be changed forever.  I believe that many of you have read about it here - either in the form of tributes to our fallen heroes or finding out about people that you should know.

You see it today in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's been apart of the American military that I knew, your fathers knew, your grandfathers knew.  Making a difference, never quiting, fighting on until you're dragged away kicking and screaming.  If you don't believe me, find anyone in any military service that's had the privelege of Command.  War or not.  I don't care if they commanded the Laundry and Bath company or a company of Rangers.  They'll tell you there's no better job than commanding American soldiers...no better privelege, no better honor.  Once you've led these magnificient young Americans, every other assignment or job is a hollow husk against it.

Personally, I don't understand how a true American Fighting Man can leave his troops during combat.   And because I don't doubt Kerry's bravery, I can come to no other conclusion than he was a calculating, politically motivated S.O.B.

Quetioning His Patriotism
Yes, I openly question John Kerry's patriotism.   By his votes and his testimonies, John Forbes Kerry damaged the morale and undermined the military's ability to fight.

Is It A Military Thing?
It's frustrating to watch this debate over medals.  I've received emails from civilian readers who believe that people will vote for Kerry because they can't understand his actions during and after the war in a military context.  I don't really believe that.  A rat is flippin' rat.

There are millions of veterans out there.  Millions.  The word needs to get out about Kerry and what his actions caused.  The medals are not an issue with me.  His courage is not an issue with me.

I know yesterday was "Blackfive says Kerry-Is-A-Giant-A$$!" fest around here, but there's a lot of information that needs to get out there.

If you want to help, please spread the word about the Veteran Rally in Washington, DC on the 12th of September.  If thousands and thousands of veterans and their families rally, we just might show the world what Kerry's "brothers and sisters" really think of him.

Update:  Reap what you sew.  Via the WSJ.  It's a pretty good look at John Forbes Kerry.

Letter to John Kerry

Curt G. sends this one. The letter below contains the exact sentiment that I have been stating for months. Medals and wounds aren't really the qualities we look for in a President (or Bob Dole would be President right now). But John Kerry leaving his men early while he could still lead, heading home and testifying to lying about their atrocities is an offense that cannot be forgotten or ignored. Then, add his voting record and non-support of the military and veterans on top of all of that.

August 25, 2004

Senator John Kerry
304 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Kerry,

We are pleased to welcome your campaign representatives to Texas today. We honor all our veterans, all whom have worn the uniform and served our country. We also honor the military and National Guard troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan today. We are very proud of all of them and believe they deserve our full support.

That’s why so many veterans are troubled by your vote AGAINST funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, after you voted FOR sending them into battle. And that’s why we are so concerned about the comments you made AFTER you came home from Vietnam. You accused your fellow veterans of terrible atrocities – and, to this day, you have never apologized. Even last night, you claimed to be proud of your post-war condemnation of our actions.

We’re proud of our service in Vietnam. We served honorably in Vietnam and we were deeply hurt and offended by your comments when you came home.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t build your convention and much of your campaign around your service in Vietnam, and then try to say that only those veterans who agree with you have a right to speak up. There is no double standard for our right to free speech. We all earned it.

You said in 1992 “we do not need to divide America over who served and how.” Yet you and your surrogates continue to criticize President Bush for his service as a fighter pilot in the National Guard.

We are veterans too – and proud to support President Bush. He’s been a strong leader, with a record of outstanding support for our veterans and for our troops in combat. He’s made sure that our troops in combat have the equipment and support they need to accomplish their mission.

He has increased the VA health care budget more than 40% since 2001 – in fact, during his four years in office, President Bush has increased veterans funding twice as much as the previous administration did in eight years ($22 billion over 4 years compared to $10 billion over 8.) And he’s praised the service of all who served our country, including your service in Vietnam.

We urge you to condemn the double standard that you and your campaign have enforced regarding a veteran’s right to openly express their feelings about your activities on return from Vietnam.


Texas State Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
Rep. Duke Cunningham
Rep. Duncan Hunter
Rep. Sam Johnson
Lt. General David Palmer
Robert O'Malley, Medal of Honor Recipient
James Fleming, Medal of Honor Recipient
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Castle (Ret.)

Update: And Jim W. sends that the Hanoi Hilton POWs are launching a web site this week called Stolen Honor which will be yet another veteran site against the Kerry Campaign. Keep checking the URL - it should be up later this week.

One last site to visit, Ruth D. sends that the entire book - The New Soldier - that John Kerry wrote about his anti-war and anti-American activities is available on-line to read here. This is the book that the Kerry Campaign has sued web sites for showing and has alledgedly attempted to purchase all available copies.

Read it. Especially if you are military, were military or are a supporter of the military. It'll be sure to energize you against putting this man in the White House. Also, Bobby Sr. sends this link to the FBI files on the men who contributed to the New Soldier...it'll give you some perspective on the "soldiers" in the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW).

Read it and and send to anyone who is voting for or sitting on the fence about John Forbes Kerry. Then, send 'em Hugh Hewitt's book.

Update 4PM: LTC Buzz Patterson, in his book Reckless Disregard, states:

John Kerry recently commented that he didn't "know what it is that all these Republicans who didn't serve in Vietnam or fighting any war have agianst us who did."

Well, sir, I'll see your four months in Vietnam and raise you the twenty years I spent serving as an Air Force pilot flying in conflicts as far-ranging as Grenada, Somalia, Bosnia, and Haiti.

What I have against you, to be concise, is your post-Vietnam War treason, your complete and demonstrated lack of support for the U.S. military in your nineteen years in the Senate, and my expectation that you will return our national defense to the criminally ineffectual days of the Carter and Clinton administrations.

It is equally important to consider whom our adversaries would want in office...

That's what us veterans have been saying all along.

Mark my words, this is just the beginning.