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Media Bias #752

My father-in-law pointed this one out to me when we were having coffee at our local Caribou Coffee joint:

From the front page of the Chicago Tribune (above the fold - registration req. - emphasis is mine) today:

Rebels leave mosque
Top cleric al-Sistani takes control of site; Sadr claims victory

By Ken Ellingwood and Edmund Sanders, Tribune Newspapers: Los Angeles Times; staff writers Tyler Marshall and Mark Mazzetti in Washington contributed
Published August 28, 2004

NAJAF, Iraq -- Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani resumed control over the Imam Ali shrine Friday as a final handful of militiamen loyal to a rebel Shiite cleric exited the compound after a deadly three-week standoff with U.S.-led and Iraqi forces.
In the quiet that prevailed Friday afternoon, one of the pro-Sadr fighters, 26-year-old Ali Adai, said it would be difficult to go back to his job driving a taxi. His car, a Volvo, was destroyed in the fighting, along with the family's home.

Rebuilding begins

Asked what he would do now, Adai, his left elbow and head bandaged from what he said were shrapnel wounds, gestured toward shattered buildings nearby and said construction work would soon be available.

"The Americans destroy, we build," he said...

Oh boo-@#$%ing-hoo!

Oh, the poor jihadi can't drive his taxi any more...BECAUSE HE WAS TRYING TO KILL AMERICANS! Sadr picked this fight. Maybe, they'd feel better if Saddam were back? Why didn't this reporter ask "Why are you trying to kill Americans? What have you built?"

Screw that guy! Too bad he wasn't in his taxi at the time it met it's doom.